Triple Lens Industrial Endoscope Camera 4.3” Screen HD1080P Single Dual Lens Pipe Car Inspection USB Borescope Waterproof LED


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  • Lens (mm): 3.9mm
  • Wire Type: Hard Wire
  • Model Number: T20 4.3 Inch ENDOSCOPE
  • Brand Name: ZCF
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
  • Smart home platform: Other

Key Features

-Out of box,Power on and play.
-4.3 Inch IPS Screen,Real-time HD observation.
-1080P resolution
-Can record video and take picture, files will be directly stored to your TF card.Convenient observation and follow-up analysis.
-Replaceable Cable.
-The cable works with PC also.
-Adjustable LED lights in the camera head.
-IP68 waterproof
-Build-in 2000mAh battery for 3 hours working time.
-Support TF Card(The TF card is not included)
-Semi-rigid camera cord can easily shape want you need.
-Equipped with adequate accessories, Hook, Magnet, which can adapt to a variety of environments.
-Protective silicone-Prevent screen from impact.


1.Car overhaul.
2.Check water leak in wall.
3.Check gas tank.
4.Check drain pipe in shower.
5.Check hydraulic leak.
6.Find out tiny spots that need fixing.


Lens diameter:3.9mm/5.5mm/8mm
Cemera Type:Single lens/Dual lens/Triple Lens
Color: Orange+Black
Monitor: 4.3-inch colorful Monitor
Camera resolution: 1920*1080
Horizontal viewing angle: 70°
Language: English, German, Chinese, Spanish, French,,Japanese Etc.
Focal length:5-10cm/2-6cm
Waterproof level: IP68 (only for lens cable)
Battery:3.7V, 2000mAh
LED light: 8MM triple lens:8+2pcs/8mm dual lens-8+1pcs/8mm-8pcs/5.5mm-6pcs/3.9mm-6pcs
Cable length: 1m/2m/3.5m/5m/10m Rigid Cable


1) The lens does not auto-focus.
2) The best resolution distance is 6cm/4cm(front camera/side camera). The resolution reduces when the distance is farther or closer.


1.There are Single lens, Dual lens and Triple lens optional.3.9MM,5.5MM and 8MM optional.
2.The TF card is not included.

4.3 Inch IPS Monitor

HD1080P Resolution

3.9MM/5.5MM/8MM Lens,Sigle/Dual/Triple Lens Optional.

Triple Lens has one front camera and two side cameras

Button Function

Replaceable Cable,The cable works with PC also.

Adjustable brightness

2000mAh Battery,Up To 3 Hours Of Working Time

IP68 Waterproof Lens

Support TF Card(The TF card is not included)

Protective silicone-Prevent screen from impact.

Focal length: 5CM-10CM(Front Camera)/2CM-6CM(Side Camera)

Equipped with adequate accessories, Hook, Magnet

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