Student Handheld Scientific Full Function Calculator Portable Calculator with 417 functions


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  • Usage: Calendar
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Applicable Battery Type: Coin Batteries
  • Model Number: function calculator
  • Max. Digits: 12
  • Style: Scientific
  • Brand Name: Worallymy
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • type1: scientific calculator
  • type2: handheld calculator
  • type3: portable calculator
  • type4: function calculator
  • type5: calculators

This is a full function scientific function calculator. Designed for students and office workers. Touch keyboard,easy to click. It has excellent quality, stable and responsive. Comprehensive scientific computing functions,considerate angles, easy viewing. It can help you solve problems you encounter in your study, convenient tocalculate.

1. Textbook synchronous display, tabular statistics and 10 position radix + 2 position exponent. Used forscientific calculation, namely function calculation.
2. Multi-step reappear, dotmatrix display and Plastic buttons. Touch keyboard, easy to click.
3. Multi-function mathematical calculator: It can be used to calculate advanced functions.
4. High quality material: durable, stable and responsive. Designed for students and office workers.
5. Upgrade motherboard: more stable work. It can help you solve problems you encounter in your study,convenient to calculate.
6. LCD display: read the results clearly in two-line display mode. Comprehensive scientific computing functions,considerate angles, easy viewing.

1. Routine Calculation
1) arithmetic calculation
2) Score calculation/percentage calculation/rational number calculation, etc.
3) Degree, minute, second calculation
4) Variable calculation (use CALC)
5) Equation solution (use SOLVE)
6) Calculation of various functions (trigonometric/anti-trigonometric function, hyperbolic/inverse hyperbolicfunction, exponent/logarithmic function, power function/power square root function, integral/differentialcalculation, calculus summatorius).
7) Other calculations (factorial, absolute value, random number, permutations and combinations, roundingfunction).

2. Plural Computing
1) The addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of plural
2) Calculation of auxiliary Angle and model
3) The inverse, square, and cubic of plural
4) The calculation of complex conjugate numbers

3. Statistical Calculation
1) single variable
2) linear regression
3) quadratic regression
4) logarithmic regression
5) e exponential regression
6) ab exponential regression

4. Number Systems Converter (radix calculation)
1) DEC decimalism
2) HEX hexadecimal
3) BIN binary system
4) OCT octonary number system

5. Equation Calculation
1) One equation with two unknowns
2) One equation with three unknowns
3) Quadratic
4) Cubic Equation

6. Matrix Calculation
1) Calculate matrix replication, addition, scalar multiplication, multiplication, square, and cube
2) Calculate the determinant, transposition and inverse matrix of the matrix
3) Compute the modulus of each element of the matrix

7. Vector Computation
1) Calculate vector replication, vector addition, scalar multiplication, vector dot product
2) Compute the norm of vector

Type: Scientific Calculator
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 16.2 * 8 * 0.8 cm / 6.4 * 3.1 * 0.3 inch
Weight: 158.5g

Package Include:
1 x Calculator
1 x Calculator Lid
1 x English User Manual


Useful Function: It shows mathematical expressions such as roots and fractions that appear in your textbook, and this increases understanding because the results are easier to understand.
Wide Application: Perfect for Algebra, calculus, statistics and more. It can be used in school, college, office and home, etc.
Easy to Carry: The calculator is small and lightweight, portable, you can easy to carry in school exam and test, provide calculating help.
Durable Material: Protective hard case helps prevent damage when stored. It is made of LED material, which is durable and Long-lasting.
Multifunctional Calculator: The calculator covers the most scientific functions what college students need to use at university, including algebra, solving equations, vectors, matrices, data analysis, etc. Reading instruction attached will help you know how to use and find these functions.

Color: As Shown
Material: LED
Size: Approx. 18.5x7x2.8cm/7.28×2.76×1.1inch

There might be a few color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight error due to different hand measurements.

Package Includes:
1 Piece Calculator(with 1 Piece Instruction Manual).


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