Romondes SM601 Smoke Leak Detector EVAP Smoke Machine Automotive Leak Detector Fuel Pipe Leakage Locator for Car Motorcycle


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  • Brand Name: Romondes
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand: Romondes
  • Item Type: SM601 Car Smoke Leak Detector
  • Type 1: Smoke Leakage Detector
  • Type 2: Car Pipe Leak Locator
  • Type 3: EVAP Smoke Machines
  • Type 4: Auto Automotive Diagnostic Smokes Leak Detecto
  • Vehicle Type: ATV, Heavy Duty/Commercial, Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle
  • OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
  • Supported System: Intake System Test, Exhaust Systems Test, Car Sealing Test, Fuel Tank System Test
  • Support for: Check the tightness of the pipeline or other obj
  • What To Use To Produce Smoke: pink baby oil (not includes)


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Recommended SM603, it is an upgraded version of SM601, adding a System Pressure Gauge

Please click on the image below to learn more about the SM603.

Romondes SM601 Car Smoke Leak Tester EVAP Smoke Machine Automotive Leak Detector, Vacuum Leak Tester, Diagnostic Fuel Pipe Leakage Locator for All Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV, Light Trucks, Boats

Why You Need An Automotive Smoke Machine?

Romondes SM601 Car Smoke Leak Detector is a universal and professional auto pipe leak detect tool, it will help you to locate hard-to-find leaks in any sealed system, such as Cooling System Test, Car Sealing Test, Throttle Shafs, Engine Block Test, Intake System Test, Exhaust Systems Test, Crankcase system test, Fuel Tank System Test, Turbo System Test, Various Pipe Fittings Test, etc.

✔️EVAP System: Since the fuel tank evaporation system is a completely closed system, any small leak may lead to failure. Fuel vapor leaking into the atmosphere can cause waste and pollution, engine shuddering and other problems.

✔️Fuel Tank System: When there are gaps in the fuel tank and piping caused by improper installation or insufficient sealing of the fuel tank cap, it can cause leaks in the fuel tank system.

✔️Car Sealing Test: Poor air tightness of the car may lead to a lot of inconvenience like inability to keep warm dusty, not soundproof, and not waterproof ,etc.

✔️Exhaust System: produces noise pollution and air pollution, and the leakage area will soon produce rust and corrosion, leading to the gradual expansion of the leakage area.

✔️Intake System: It will lead to insufficient intake pressure and difficulty to bring up the power.

✔️Crankcase System: Excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main reason to damage the seal of the crankcase and cause oil leakage.

✔️Turbo Test: The leakage of coolant would cause the engine to report high water temperature.

✔️Vacuum pipe leaks: Vacuum pipes are located between complex and compact power system components, making it difficult to detect the location of leaks in depth.

How SM601 Smoke Leak Detector Was Born?

Have you met some troubles like below when using an smoke machine automotive?

– Smoke turns to liquid almost instantly inside whatever you are testing?

– The smoke is very thin, impossible to see and find leaks?

– Fluid leak cause catastrophic engine damage?

After five generations of technological innovation, SM601 Smoke Leak Detector was born. Avoiding all the disadvantage of past technologies, SM601 has these advantages:

✔️Easy to Use: With easy-use function and portable design, the hook allows you to hang it on your hood latch, and conical adapter will fit most intakes.

✔️Powerful and Durable: The third-generation technology uses heating wire and wick cotton, needs to be replaced frequently and the smoke has a peculiar smell. The fourth-generation technology uses ceramics heating, it’s very fragile during transportation and use. SM601 auto smoke machine avoids these shortcomings, as a durable smoke detector, it also saves you a lot of money.

✔️Output Smoke in Seconds: Output lots of smoke within 30s to detect the leaks in pipe system, reducing diagnostic time dramatically.

✔️Safe for All Vehicles: Protect vehicles from high pressure damage, also avoid fluid leak cause engine damage.

How to Perform a Smog Test with SM601 Automotive Diagnostic Smoke Leak Tool?

Step1: Mount the hook and shop air adapter to the SM601 smoke leak detector, plug the power cord into the socket.

Step2: Fill ( Baby Oil ) smoke oil into the SM601 auto smoke machine, from refill port on the top.

Step3: Connect shop air supply, connect 12V vehicle power, introduce shop air to the SM601 fuel leak tester, turn the Flow Dial anti-clockwise to open the air flow, switch on the power at the back of the unit, then SM601 smoke machine automotive will start to generate smoke.

Step4:In about 30 seconds, the pipe will be filled with smoke. Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.

Saving you the cost of having to go to a repair shop every time you need to test for faults, this device pays for itself in one use.

With the superb design, the SM601 vacuum smoke machine can out put smoke within seconds and discover leakage holes as small as 0.2mm. Adopts the principle of isolated heat conduction, the smoke created from the machine is non-toxic.

● Output pressure: 0.5PSI
● Output Volume:< 8LP M
● Power Supply: DC12V
● Current: 5AMP
● The flow meter indicates the leak size:
● For DTC P0456, the meter should be at 0.1 LPM.
● For DTC P0442, the meter should be at 0.5 LPM.

Overheat & Anti-frost Protection

SM601 EVAP Smoke Machine is equipped with a smart protector. When the temperature of the device exceeds eg. 120°C , the power will be intelligently activated to turn it off to ensure the safety of the operator and the device, also suitable for low temperature operation.

Note: Use mineral oil based smoke oil, do NOT use water based liquid, water based liquid will heat up quickly and lead to overheating.And don’t use SM601 more than 20 minutes.Excessive heat will cause the tube to melt.

Romondes SM601 Diagnostic Leak Detector can compatible with cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks, beach bikes, heavy trucks and speedboats and more. It is a universal smoke tester.

*Note: Like most EVAP smoke machines in the market, SM601 smoke leak detector need to connect air supply.
If you want an car smoke machine with its own air supply, we would recommend ANCEL S3000 which has its own air compressor.

Warm tips

●The oil level shall not exceed the level gauge and please do not exceed 15 ml when adding new oil later.

●Please do not to operate the SM601 EVAP system smoke machine continuously for more than 8 minutes.

●Before refilling new oil, please pour out the remaining oil in the detector, drain the old oil and then add new oil.

●Use baby oil, do NOT use water based liquid, water based liquid will heat up quickly and lead to overheating.

●To ensure the safety of people and vehicles, the engine does not need to be ignited during use.

●If your smoke machine’s fumes are discharged from the top of the machine: please turn on the gas switch first, then power on.

Product Package:

1*SM601 EVAP Smoke Machine Tester
1*Smoke Delivery Hose
1*Intake Adapter
1*EVAP Service Port Adapter
1*EVAP Removal Tool
1*Power Cord

No Include Air Compressor

About SM601 EVAP Smoke Machine FAQ

Q: Do I need to buy an additional air compressor (air pump)?

A: Yes, you need to buy an additional air compressor (air pump).

Q: What is the compressor inlet pressure?

A: 1-10 bar.

Q: How long does it take to use one time?

A: Do not use it for more than 5 minutes. If it is used for too long and the temperature is too high, the tube will melt and the heating body will also be damaged.

Q: Is it suitable to work with most voltages? Can it work with 24V?

A: It can only work with 12V-12.5V voltage, and equipment with voltage less than 11V basically can’t work. Also, please don’t work with 24V, 24V power supply will burn the device.

Q: Why does an overheat warning appear?

A1: The use time is too long.
A2: No leaks, but fighting so hard the heat didn’t dissipate.
A3: Improper voltage used.

Q. What base oil should be used?

A. Mineral oil is required, it is recommended to use Johnson’s Baby Oil in the red packaging, the picture can be found in the instruction manual.

Q: The equipment is working on the heater, why is there no smoke?

A: Did you add an air pump?

Q: Why does oil come out of the end of the tube?

A: You may have added too much oil.

Q: Why the machine does not smoke?

A 1: Did you turn on the button? Did you feel the air coming out of the mouthpiece?
A 2: What fuel did you add? How much did you add? Too much oil and the oil will overflow.
At this time, the excess oil in the black pipe must be disassembled and cleaned with a dust collector. Then turn the oil inside the device upside down and pour out the excess oil.
A3: Measure the battery voltage to see if the battery voltage has reached 12V.
A4: Did you add an air pump?

Recommended: ANCEL S3000 with air compressor.


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