Intelligent Cactus Interactive Learning and Musical Toy for Kids to Dance Record and Speak with Fun


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  • Material: Plush
  • Item Type: Toy Phones
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Recommend Age: 6-12y

Product description


This toy cactus has a built-in speaker and microphonethat allows it to sing,dance, and learn to also hasa recording function that allows children to record theirown voices or voices and replay them through cacti.

This toy cactus has a cute and friendly face that can interact with children through speech recognition technologyIt also has a recording function that allows children tosave their conversations with cacti.

This toy cactus is designed for children who love musicand dance.It has a built-in DJ mixer that allows childrento mix and mix their favorite songs.


Applicable age
Over 6 years old

Material quality                                              Plush

Chinese mainland

Applicable gender                                          Unisex

Toy type                                                          Plush toys

Color                                                              Cactus classic

Filler                                                                PP cotton

Doll type                                                         Other

Height                                                             32 cm

Weight                                                            210g

Package                                                         Opp bag

Package included:
Including a toy cactus and a USB charging cable


*Although the design of toys is safe and durable, it is important to supervise children when using them. Youngerchildren may need closer supervision to ensure that theydo not misuse or improperly manipulate toys.

*Charging:Smart toy partners are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which should be charged before use.Ensure to charge the battery according to instructions andavoid overcharging or using unauthorized chargers.

*Volume: This toy has speakers that can emit high volumeTo prevent potential hearing damage, it is important tomaintain a reasonable level of volume and avoid placingtoys near the ears.

*Maintenance:ltisimportant to follow the cleaning ancmaintenance instructions provided in order to keep thetoy in good condition.Avoid exposing toys to water or extreme temperatures, and store them in a safe and dryplace when notin use.Avoid direct sunlight and avoidneavy pressure.

*By following these preventive measures, you can helpensure that children have a safe and enjoyable experiencewith their smart toy partners.


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